transform your culture

and release your team’s highest performance with

mindful business practices

A New Model for Work


It’s a new age. Professionals who commit to their personal evolution, win. Leaders who put people first, win. Teams who commit to creating conscious environments that produce results AND bring the best out in each other, win.

As a business owner, leader or team member, you need the tools to create a conscious work environment. Do you know what they are and how to successfully execute them? When you evolve, your people evolve and your organization evolves. From this higher vantage point, your toughest problems are solved, results multiply and the positive impact to customers and communities resonates exponentially. You also experience new levels of fulfillment and peace with your work. Isn’t that what we all want? It’s time to commit to a way of working that works for everyone.

We are here to remind you that work can be different. If you’re experiencing a toxic environment, overwhelm or stress, know that it’s due to destructive patterns that can be transformed. Old with the old, in with the new. Let us show you how to create a conscious culture and unleash your highest potential. The world needs business and organizations that prosper, encourage their people to thrive and provide value to customers, clients and the larger community.


CULTURE SCANFor corporations, non-profits and teams: a six-month program to build a new framework for your work culture that elicits the best from your people, dismantles harmful patterns and reinforces conscious work and business practices for success. Contact us to share your pressing culture needs and discover how we can help.



LASER COACHINGFor executives, professionals and business owners: a three-month, one-on-one coaching program tailored to take a bigger stand in your life, define your leadership vision, strengthen your voice and your conversations, and generate the energy you and your team need to carry out your mission and day-to-day tasks. Schedule your free 30-minute laser coaching session today.



RETREATFor corporations, non-profits and teams: one-time or a series of culture training boosters to drive your team’s performance. Participants receive powerful tools and strategies to generate a dynamic culture, bring the best out in themselves and the team, ignite and manage change, conduct powerful conversations, manage personal and group energy, and discover how to generate personal energy and the organization’s natural rhythm. Take a look at what we’ve presented to other teams. Let us design and facilitate your next meeting or retreat.