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Kristi Daniels is an executive coach and strategist with Thrive 9 to 5, LLC, a consultancy helping leaders transform the workplace culture by evolving their organizations. We believe that organizations and leaders who put people first, win. Creating a conscious work environment supports the evolution of people, teams and the entire organization. When people and organizations evolve, they solve the toughest problems and extend a positive impact to the customers and communities they serve.

We counsel business owners and leaders who want to transform the conversation about what’s possible for their business operations, their people and the communities they serve. Solving the problems of today’s world demands a new way of how we think, run business, interact with people and leave a legacy. Our mission is to shift “work and business as usual” and deliver proven methods of performance that increase profit and impact, elevating the value the organization provides to every audience it touches.

The Thrive 9 to 5 ® model gives leaders a roadmap to integrate conscious business principles within the culture, which includes creating a compelling vision, defining and living core values, and executing a mindful plan to navigate change and inspire people to their greatest levels of performance and fulfillment.

We’re on a mission to deliver a new model of work to the world – one that dismantles fear, scarcity and insecurity, and creates the foundation for excellence driven by the highest potential of the people, extraordinary levels of service and commitment to solving global challenges.

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About Kristi Daniels

Kristi is an executive coach and culture strategist helping individuals and teams transform the conversation about what’s possible at work and in life. Kristi’s mission is to help leaders create a vision, define their values, navigate change and inspire their people to greater levels of performance and fulfillment.

Kristi helps clients get clear on what they want, strengthen their voice and boost their energy. She speaks to organizations on the topics of energy management, high performance, living core values and transforming culture and conversation.

Kristi has worked with clients including Kaiser Permanente, AARP, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Booz Allen Hamilton, Vistage International, and Citrix.


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Kristi unlocks the secrets to creating and sustaining a personal routine for peak performance in her book Thrive 9 to 5: Your Guide to Peak Performance at Work.  Her approach aligns four principles of productivity (energy, focus, adaptability and purpose) with personal wellbeing.

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